3V Mod Ford

We are starting on the final assembly of a killer blown 3V Mod Ford with a big bore SVO block and CNC ported heads!

372″ SB Chev

A nice little 372″ SB Chev 4.125″ bore x 3.48″ stroke AFR 195 cylinder head Mechanical flat tappet cam 539 hp @ 6700 RPM on pump gas

302 Ford crate engine

Here is a nice little 302 Ford crate engine we built last month.

Basically it is a 80’s/90’s HO bottom end with an Edelbrock head/intake/carb package and a B303 hydraulic roller cam.
380 hp at 5800 RPM

A 1965 289 Ford and

a 2004 4.6L (281cid) DOHC

1969 370 HP 440 (from a GTX)

Genuine 1969 370 HP 440 (from a GTX) Stock carter AVS carb and cast iron intake Stock hyd cam (213/225 .447″/.459″)
Compression ratio has been lowered to 9:1 (orginally 10:1)

440 Six Pack project

Here are a few pics throughout the process of building a 440 Six Pack project. You guys want to guess how much power she made? (9.8:1 ratio, stock heads, mild hyd cam)

Killer 420″ Windsor Ford.

Just off the dyno and ready to battle!

454/496 stroker engine

A nice little 454/496 stroker engine on the dyno today.
590HP/595 ft/lbs with a hydraulic roller and Air Gap Intake, should be a nice cruiser!

Final Images of the stroker big block Ford

This guy turned some very impressive #’s on the pump!
658 HP @ 6150 RPM
689 Ft/Lbs @ 4500 RPM

  • P51 Kaase cylinder head
  • Hyd roller camshaft
  • 10.25:1 compression ratio
  • Edelbrock RPM intake manifold
  • 800 CFM Holley carb

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