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Beatty and Woods has been delivering quality engines for over 50 years because of Chucks hands on experience in drag racing, he knows about Engine rebuilds. Also over the years they have done extraordinary work on Chevy engines, ford engines, Racing engines, Custom car engines, Ford crate engines, Stroker engines, intake manifold and pretty much anything engine related, they have done it. Beatty and Woods performance makes sure that all of its customers are provided with the information that they need to succeed in their engine goals.

Beatty and Woods was created in 1969 by Charles (Chuck) Beatty and Mike Woods. Two guys that were passionate about powerhouse engines. They started off with a shop on Browns line in Etobicoke or Toronto west. They sponsored many cars over the years and are well known in the industry. Over the years, they opened up 2 more locations within the GTA.

Now, they have a thriving shop in Mississauga, now owned by Jeff Beatty, Chuck’s son. Chuck is still part of the everyday business and happy to talk engines with anyone.
Over the years, the motor industry has changed but Beatty and Woods is still the #1 place to go if you are rebuilding or modifying your engine. They have been trusted for over 50 years.


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